Women and Families


In Congress, Dr. Quigg will work on bipartisan solutions to achieve equal pay for equal work. As a trailblazing woman in the health field, she knows how to address gender inequality in an effective and lasting manner.

Dr. Quigg will stand up for women and the working class of America by supporting a living wage. The current federal minimum wage has not scaled appropriately over the years to match the rising cost of living, and it is time to give working class Americans the wage they deserve.

She will also support legislation to provide families with paid family leave. The United States is the only developed country without federally mandated paid maternity leave, it needs to be expanded to cover all American families during some of the most beautiful moments of a lifetime. Dr. Quigg will also fight for quality universal preschool and childcare that is affordable for everyday Americans.

Dr. Quigg also stands against President Donald J. Trump’s insulting comments about women throughout his candidacy, and will stand for all Americans. She knows that there still exist barriers that prevent women from reaching their truest potentials in this country, and she will work to make sure that every person, regardless of gender, religion, age, or race receives an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream.