Taking Money out of Politics


Dr. Quigg understands that as a Congresswomen, she will represent the people of District 6, and that’s why she will hold monthly town hall meetings and discuss important issues with her constituents on a regular basis. The Founding Fathers never intended for corporations and millionaires to have more power in government than the communal body of normal Americans. She vows to listen to the voice of those she represents over special interests or partisan politics.

She will also support legislation to overturn and repeal the Citizen’s United case that allowed large corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. This is not democracy. Dr. Quigg will return the power to the people with campaign finance regulations and restrictions.

Dr. Quigg is a person, not a conglomerate. She will represent the people of District 6 in the way that reflects the democratic ideals this country has aspired to for more than two hundred years.