Taking Care of Seniors


Seniors are some of America’s most cherished citizens, and there is no better way to thank the seniors of Georgia for their decades of hard work than by ensuring their future health and prosperity.

As congresswoman, Dr. Quigg will oppose any efforts to privatize Medicare and create a voucher system that will not cover the cost of expensive insurance. There is no room for any coverage gaps in our seniors’ health care, and Dr. Quigg will fight for their well-deserved rights on the floor of the Congress.

She will focus on lifting the ban which prevents Medicare from negotiating prescription drug prices. Pharmaceutical companies should be transparent with everyday Americans by disclosing true costs of drugs. No American should be denied a drug he or she needs simply because a company prices it at 800% markup.

Dr. Quigg will not support an increase in the Social Security retirement age which would prevent Americans from accessing their own retirement funds when they need them most. Social Security should be expanded so all senior citizens in America can retire safely. Dr. Quigg will fight against any Republicans in in Congress that want to privatize or repeal one of the most important welfare program this country offers.