Dr. Rebecca Quigg will work to build on the success of the Affordable Care Act, which resulted in millions of Americans receiving affordable healthcare coverage.

The ACA is not perfect, but as a doctor, she knows that it was a historic first step in getting America on the right track.

The fundamental question that drives her is; “Why wouldn’t we want everyone in the 6th District to have access to the best healthcare?  Why wouldn’t we want the people serving us our food and taking care of our children to be healthy and free of communicable diseases?   Why would we want to let our fellow residents die because they cannot afford to get well?  The simple answer to all these questions, is we would not want that.  Particularly when every other industrialized nation has figured out how to do it.

Dr. Quigg will support a comprehensive healthcare solution that keeps in place existing protections that ensure women and patients with pre-existing conditions are not charged higher premiums, and aren’t restricted by annual or lifetime limits.

With more than 25 years of experience, she will work across the aisle to expand and improve the ACA. She will never repeal healthcare for the millions of Americans that depend on it.

She will also work in Congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Americans pay more for prescription drugs than any other country in the world. Dr. Quigg knows that keeping premiums affordable, requiring drug cost transparency from drug companies, and lowering deductibles is essential to saving lives. Low income senior citizens will especially benefit from Dr. Quigg’s desire to reform Medicare Part D to remove its infamous coverage gaps.

Dr. Quigg will deliver the much needed reform that America’s working class is asking for, allowing America to join the great healthcare leaders of the world.