Education is the backbone of our communities. If we want to raise a new generation of American leaders, we have to start in the classroom.

As a mother of two, Dr. Quigg knows the importance of a quality K-12 education. Congressional District 6 has some of the best public & private schools in the state of Georgia. In Congress, she will work to ensure that our schools continue to be the best and strive to be even better.

She will fight for legislation that provides an increase in funding for our schools and teachers. America’s teachers are the heroes of our society, and they deserve more than the resources they currently receive. By devoting more to educating our children, we train a better and smarter workforce of the future that will play an active role in our economy.


Higher Education


All of our children deserve the opportunity to succeed, and that’s why Dr. Quigg wants to bring common sense reform to higher education. She knows firsthand the struggles that college students face trying to pay for their college tuition. The cost of higher education has steadily risen in the last few decades, and Dr. Quigg will focus on finding effective solutions in Congress to combat this issue.

She will work to lower interest rates on the loans of hardworking students that soon will become key contributors to our economy. That also includes refinancing existing student loans at today’s lower interest rates to ease the burden on our students. She will also work to expand financial aid and give more low-income students the help they need.

Dr. Quigg will also stand firmly with her peers in Congress to oppose and condemn sexual assault on college campuses. She believes that all victims have the right to be listened to, and should be treated with confidentiality, credibility, and respect. She also believes in working to ensure that victims are always able to get the health treatments they need, which will be a key part of her healthcare policy. Please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to talk to trained staff that can provide you or a loved one with confidential and experienced support.