Dr. Quigg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she and her sister were the first in their family to attend college.

When her father returned from WWII after serving in the Air Force in Southern England, he started his career as a structural ironworker and negotiated on behalf of the union for safer working conditions, a living wage, as well as health and retirement benefits.  Her mother joined the war effort initially as an airplane propeller mechanic and later welded transformers for the Pacific Fleet. She was one of the first women to fight for, and receive, equal pay for equal work.

Dr. Quigg’s parents taught her that if she worked hard, and fought for what was right, she could achieve anything she set her mind to do.

Despite working multiple jobs in high school, college, and medical school to cover her tuition costs, Dr. Quigg still accumulated significant student loan debt and fully understands the huge expense of an education, and how it can impact students with limited financial means. Her focus on hard work and determination has followed her throughout her career as an academic physician, educator, and researcher.

Dr. Quigg lives in Marietta, and has two sons, Jonathan, a graduate of George Washington University and Gregory who graduates Pope high school in May.