We need a “Doctor in the House!”

We need Dr. Quigg.  She Cares about Healthcare and the Rights of All Americans.


With healthcare being one of the most important issues before our country we must move forward to make sure that all Americans have access to quality affordable healthcare. The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was an important step in achieving that goal.

Dr. Quigg knows the real successes of the ACA firsthand and will fight to ensure that millions of Americans don’t lose their healthcare. Congress must move to improve the ACA, not repeal it.

As your Congresswoman, Dr. Quigg will work to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and keep premiums affordable and deductibles low.  Dr. Quigg will support a healthcare solution that keeps existing protections in place that ensure women and those with pre-existing conditions are not charged higher premiums and coverage is not restricted by annual or lifetime limits. She will work across the aisle to expand and improve the ACA.

Dr. Quigg on key issues:


We need to take care of those that cared for us.

As congresswoman, Dr. Quigg will oppose any efforts to privatize Medicare and create a voucher system that will not cover the cost of expensive insurance. Her efforts will be focused on lifting the ban which prevents Medicare from negotiating prescription drug prices.  And will not support an increase in the Social Security retirement age which would prevent Americans from accessing their own retirement funds when they need them most.


Our mothers, sisters, and daughters deserve equality.

In Congress, Dr. Quigg will work on bipartisan solutions to achieve equal pay for equal work. She will stand up for the working class and a living wage and support legislation to provide families with quality universal preschool, paid family leave and access to affordable childcare.


Public schools are the backbone of our communities.

As a mother of two, Dr. Quigg knows the importance of a quality K-12 education. Congressional District 6 has some of the best public schools in the state. In Congress, she will work to ensure that our schools continue to be the best. She will fight for legislation that provides increase funding for our schools and teachers.


All of our children deserve the opportunity to succeed.

Dr. Quigg knows first-hand the hardships that students face when trying to pay for college. In Congress, she will work to find solutions to the rising cost of higher education. Dr. Quigg will work diligently on legislation that will provide debt-free tuition at public colleges and universities, nationwide.


We must stand for those who have stood for us.

Dr. Quigg has provided medical care to Veterans throughout her career. She has seen first-hand the hardships that Veterans face, and she knows how to improve the VA healthcare system. In Congress, Dr. Quigg will support efforts so that all VA hospitals provide state of the art medical care while being fiscally responsible.


A representative of the people 

Dr. Quigg understands that as a Congresswomen she will represent the people of District 6, that’s why she will hold monthly town hall meetings and discuss important issues with her constituents on a regular basis. She vows to listen to the voice of those she represents over special interests or partisan politics.


It takes funding to support a campaign.

Please make a contribution of any amount to elect Dr. Quigg.